Friday, January 4, 2013

Which came first ....the chicken or the egg?

Well, in my case it was the four lovely unamed chickens that arrived about 8 weeks ago. Every day I've feed them twice a day, thrown silver beet into their run, topped up their water.......and waited. And waited......and waited some more...... Well yesterday I was rewarded with one very small, very brown little egg. Yes, the first egg has arrived. I was beginning to wonder if they would ever lay. I guess it's like when you're pregnant the first time.......waiting and wondering if you're ever going to have a baby- totally illogical, of course you are.
I ran inside  to show Mr SFP. I think he was wondering what was happening, but he quickly "got it". Hopefully now more will follow, but I'm sure I'll be just as excited. I had to laugh though- I usually buy size 6 or 7 eggs and this one is more like a small size 3. Too cute to eat LOL.  TTFN Mrs SFP XX
Flashback to when the girls arrived.
First egg!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Final wrap up of the Advent Present Swap

I've really enjoyed this advent present swap with Mrs HMM. I did feel under pressure at times with having to be clever 25 times in one month!! But we both rose to the occasion and had a thoroughly enjoyable and crafty month. It's even inspired us to start/finish more crafty projects in 2013. We will definitely be doing the advent present swap again next year (shhh, but I've already started LOL). Not so much pressure with 2 presents a month. I think Mrs HMM was definitely more crafty than me and she created some lovely treasures for years to come.
Here is the final wee batch of presents:

Day Twenty Five
I've always been a BIG Holly Hobbie fan- I completed a huge cross stitch picture as a teenager, many years ago now. This will be a lovely picture to stitch. Mrs HMM has one the same to do as well. 
Day Twenty Four
Fabric to add to the stash, from one fabricaholic to another. Nothing like enabling the addiction LOL. 
Day Twenty Three
Another of my obsessions are VW's and here is a very cute little decoration. I think this one will be living on my pin board.
Day Twenty Two
Another gorgeous hand stitched ornament. I don't know where she found the time as it's been a busy month in the HMM household!!
The hardest thing about the swap was the blogging of it :-). I would definitely recommend it as a fun/challenging thing to do. 
Mrs HMM is at the family holiday house on the Peninsula enjoying some well earned RNR with her family and Mum. I miss her (we talk on the phone at least five times a day). Can't wait for her to get back so we can share more crafty stitching times.

Here's another project I try to add to each year. When the boys were born, 16 and 18 years ago now I made them each a calico Christmas sack for their booty. Each year I have added a cute button, or hand stitched patch that they chose. Here's Jordy's sack- seems like a lot of work for just a couple of days on display, but I hope it's creating an heirloom for the future, that they will share with their kids.
16 years of crafty Christmas.
Close up- this year's is the Debbie Mumm bird.
The garden's calling (screaming) for some do you balance everything you want to do? I'll leave you with a few pretty pictures of flowers:
Viola Maggie Mott- perennial, this has been such good value- flowering non-stop since being planted.
Scabiosa with deep maroon flowers- eye catching.
Take care and talk soon TTFN Mrs SFP.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Day Ten- Twenty One of the Advent swap- I've been busy!!

I've been so caught up in the pre-Christmas rush I have been neglecting to blog my advent swap goodies. Sorry Mrs HMM, it's not that I haven't been excited, or grateful to receive your gorgeous gifts, just busy. So here's a round up of the fun month that was. In fact I've enjoyed it so much, I've already started on next years gifts. (Don't tell Mrs HMM, she's still shell shocked with this years LOL).

 Day Twenty One

Perfect for a Chicken lover- salt and pepper chickens- loving them!!

Day Twenty
Look at this gorgeous little chicken fella- Mrs HMM knows me so well!!
Notebook is numbered 200- 999 so Mrs HMM can highlight her DMC cottons- phew this was like doing lines!!
Day Nineteen
Lovely Chicken tin from Mrs HMM, I'll have to find something to put in it.
I made Mrs HMM some toasty warm wrist warmers for Winter and decorated with antique buttons.
Day Eighteen
A lovely tea towel to wrap up my WIPs in, I think I may need a few more of these.....
Gingerbread men buttons, plus a Christmassy smelling soap.

Day Seventeen
Cute Key ring- words on the back read "The world is full of sisters but there must be very few who get along together as well as me and you." Sniff, it's so true, Mrs HMM and I are sisters and best friends.
Day Sixteen
Sweet chocolate Hershey kisses in a sweet little tin which is now empty......
Mrs HMM would love to have a Westie, this is the closest I can get to giving her one.
Day Fifteen
Soap for my poor dirty gardening hands, plus it smells nice.
I made Mrs HMM a wee patchwork pin cushion because she doesn't have one.
Day Fourteen
A lovely notebook from Mrs HMM to inspire me to write future projects in, what a good idea!!
A cute book mark adn another Westie for Mrs HMM, maybe they'll have puppies?
Day Thirteen
Wow, a selection of pretty patchwork fabrics, I can feel a project coming up.
Snowman Christmas decoration- I have a thing for Snowmen, don't tell Mr SFP.
Day Twelve
Sweet little tin bird decoration for the tree.
For Mrs HMM Debbie Mumm fabric and Peter Rabbit notebook.
Day Eleven
Sorry Mrs HMM I originally thought this was a pretty picture, but no it's a set of push pins for my notice board.
Day Ten
Mrs HMM was a wee bit worried she might offend blog land with this cute little girl.
I made Mrs Hmm a wee Christmas decoration out of vintage linen and buttons.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day Nine of the Christmas Advent Swap

Mittens for kittens, how adorable.
My day had an early start with grocery shopping, but there was still time to open my present. I usually go shopping on a Saturday so we can go to the 9.00 am service at Church. I was just too tired yesterday, so I had to go this morning. I was at the supermarket by 7.45 am, not too bad. Had a busy day in the garden, so sorry Mrs HMM I've "borrowed" your pictures for today. I will do better tomorrow.....

My present to her was an embroidered decoration for her tree featuring a penguin and the initial of her first name.........

E is for.........
Well, I've had a soak in the bath to ease some of those aching muscles and I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.   TTFN Mrs SFP XX

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 8 of the Christmas Advent Swap

Phew, this blogging every day is good, but exhausting. I wonder how many excited swappers there are around the world that get to open a present a day for 25 days?
Today I received a lovely cross stitched Christmas picture in a fresh white frame. Isn't this pretty.

Pretty Christmas picture.
My present to Mrs HMM was a lavender heart filled with lavender from our garden and some cute Christmas tissues just in case she needs to blow her nose.

I'm off to write the fortnightly menu and grocery list after spending until 9.00 pm this evening weeding the garden. Daylight saving is good, but you need to know when to say no. I think I'll sleep well tonight.

Day 7 of the Advent Swap

Things have been a little bit busy and as I work on a Friday I didn't quite have time to blog yesterday. I always feel like I've done a days work before I get to my paid job. By the time I sort myself, sort the kids and the animals, feed the chooks and water the greenhouse I'm off to work for a rest LOL.
Day 7's present were 2 cute little knitted hats in green and pink:

2 cute little knitted hats in pretty colours.
I had to borrow Mrs HMM's picture of my gift to her as I mislaid my picture:
The cup was filled with yummy gummy lollies- she's lucky I love her so much, or I would have eaten them all!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6 of the Christmas Advent Swap

It's become part of the routine now....I get up, make breakfast, find the present of the day and make my way to my craft room. I fire up the computer to see if Mrs HMM is up and if she's blogged my gift yet. Or I ring her and see if she loves my gift as much as I love hers to me. I think today's gifts were win wins on both part.
Here is the cutest little decoration for me. Apparently it was going to be a card, but there was too much work in it not to celebrate it. 

What a wee cutie!!
Here's my gift to her- red and white bunting:

Bunting- too nice just to save for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow after work as we're planning another craft catch up. We were given our lovely foodie gift bags from work and there's some Christmas mince pies just begging to be shared over a cuppa and some craft.