Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've finally joined the world of blog!!

Pots on our deck.
Well, this is my first blog and it's a little scary!! I read a number of blogs every day as part of my routine. It's funny how you wiggle your way into other people's lives and they don't even know that you exist. All you ladies out there are so clever and I admire all that you achieve on a day to day basis.
I guess I will use my blog to keep a record of my daily life here in Christchurch New Zealand. Kind of like an online diary. It may not be read by anyone else but me, but that's OK. I hope that it will keep me honest and inspire me to be more creative.
Well here goes.......I had a very exciting knock at the door this morning. I had finally managed to purchase a gorgeous Waldorf doll from little Jenny Wren dolls in Australia. I have been waiting impatiently for her to arrive and she did. She is just gorgeous. Once I work out how to add a picture I will. I have been wanting one of Jenny's dolls for ages. I hope to make clothes for her and sell them on Etsy.....but that's another learning experience that I need to add to my list LOL.
I've had a very busy day in the garden- it's Spring here in New Zealand, my favourite month. Hubby and I have been mowing lawns, trimming and mulching the garden waste. I would much rather put all that green goodness back into the ground, than take it to the dump (refuse station).
Well, it's time to go and try out a few patterns and fabric combinations. Wish me luck with my bloggie adventures!! Julie

Perfect place for a cuppa.

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