Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oops it's been a while, sorry

Sorry, I know it's been a while since I last blogged. I seem to have gotten bogged down by life, Winter and reading other people's amazing blogs. Everybody else always seems to have a clear vision about what the purpose of their blog is. I haven't got to there yet. I guess to some point I want it to be about my journey to a more purposeful and sustainable lifestyle. I realise the planet is in big trouble and we all need to be responsible and reduce our carbon footprints. I've always wanted to have a proper grown up vegetable garden that helps supplement our families diet. So, to that end this in part will be a diary of my adventures in the backyard.

Welcome to my new follower Miriam from Make it Give It- let it Shine. I read your blog every day and it always leaves me feeling a little lighter :-).

It was a beautiful day here in Christchurch, New Zealand today. A little surprising for this time of the year, being Winter. I spent the morning doing some sewing on an order I need to get finished. After lunch I treated myself to a distraction and went to our local plant nursery. One of my favourite places to hang out after the library and Spotlight LOL. I was after some broad bean seedlings to replace the ones that the dogs had destroyed. Alas there were none to be had. So, I made do with some pretty rainbow silverbeet and some seed raising mix.

When I came home I made use of the empty toilet rolls I have been saving for the last few months and planted some broad bean seeds. Much more economical than buying seedlings

Planted broad bean seeds.
Each year I mean to plant my own seeds and I always procrastinate and the season passes me by. I grew up with a wonderful Dad who was a great gardener/handyman and nothing was ever a problem.......he just did it. Didn't think that he couldn't, didn't google it, look at You Tube, just did. So, from now on that will be my motto, just do it!! I often feel Dad's keeping an eye on me as I potter about the garden.

After that, I thought of a few more things I could do. I planted out my rainbow silverbeet in one of my raised beds and covered them with hoops and a bit of netting to stop the dogs, hopefully. I'm always very good at buying plants.......and never planting them. Not anymore.

Raised bed, neat and tidy. Potatoes in a tyre- left overs gone to seed.

I also had a weed out of some of the tyres I have filled with dirt and added some pretty pea straw. The rhubarb is starting to come away again and will benefit from the horse poo I added.
Can't wait for some desserts using it. Confession- in all of the 16 or so years we have lived here, I have only cooked it up a couple of times. Bad person, just do it!!

Blueberry, blackberry, rhubarb and mint.
The 2 empty tyres will be for garlic, I know they should have been planted sooner, I guess I didn't "just do it", but I will tomorrow.

I have made progress here- I'm getting it ready for 2 raised beds.
The small back lawn doesn't look much different, but I have disposed of and mulched quite a bit here, believe me. The grass has died off, and was never very good anyway. With 2 dogs, there's not much chance of replanting a lawn. So I've decided to buy a couple more raised beds and turn it into a food productive area, how exciting!!

I've been totally inspired by Gavin's blog and philosphy over at "The Greening of Gavin". Wow, what an environmental super star. Reading his blog this afternoon prompted my visit to the garden centre. I just wanted to get something planted in the ground. I am reading my way through his blog from the start and eagerly awaiting new posts. Well worth adding Gavin to your list of blogs to visit.

Hopefully with the nicer weather, inspiring blogs and partner in crime in the garden Mrs HMM, I'll be blogging my garden revolution more regularly.


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