Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seed ordering ticked off the "to do" list

I've been procrastinating for ages about ordering seeds. Here in New Zealand we have a fabulous site called Trade Me where you can sell things you don't need and buy things you do need. One of the sellers lives in Christchurch too, and specialises in heirloom seeds. I figured this would be great as they are grown in the same conditions that I will be growing them in. They offer bulk deals and I thought I'd be able to get away with their 20 lots of seed for a special price. Think again, I ended up going with the 30 lots of seed, and that was a struggle.

I wanted to get some interesting heirloom tomato seeds and these are some of the ones I narrowed my list down to:

Tomato Black Elephant

Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Black Krim
Tomato Believe it or Not

Don't they look exciting and exotic. I can't wait for them to be delivered and make a start. I've quizzed Mr SFP as to if he'll be keen to eat a black tomato. He said yes, but then asked me if it was REALLY going to be black?? Yes, sweetie it will be.

If you're interested here is the whole of my list:
1. Tomato Black Elephant
2. Tomato Green Zebra
3. Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty
4. Tomato Dr Walter
5. Tomato San Marzano
6. Tomato Believe it or Not
7. Tomato Abraham Lincoln
8. Tomato Black Krim
9. Tomato Baxter Bush Cherry
10. Chilli Ancho
11. Lettuce Heirloom Buttercrunch
12. Lettuce Salad Trim
13. Sunflower Giant
14. Bergamot Bee Balm
15. Bean White Lady Runner
16. Bean Top Crop
17. Pea Easrly Massey
18. Zuchini Black Beauty
19. Pepper Topepo Rosso
20. Onion Red Amposta
21. Spinach Santana
22. Black Cumin
23. Cucumber Spacesaver
24. Cucumber Market More
25. Basil Fino Verde
26. Onion Stuttgart
27. Phacelia Tanacetifolia
28. Carrot Mini Sweet
29. Beetroot Cylindra
30. Chives
Well, I'm committed now, and hopefully I'll be a successful seed raiser.
Talk soon Mrs SFP XXX


  1. Yummy tomatoes - can't wait to see them growing! Fingers cross the Glasshouse goes up soon :0)

  2. Hopefully I'll be able to pass some unusual seedlings your way if everything goes to plan. Our handyman is making a start on the glass house tomorrow. I think he's as excited as I am.......not possible.