Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank you Mrs HMM

Dear Mrs HMM visited yesterday with her lovely camera. I had been dispairing the lack of quality in my blog pictures. This had been putting me off blogging as the pictures looked so blah. She felt sorry for me and did a photo shoot of the back yard. So here is a round up of the last couple of weeks in pictures.

Lettuces by the back door- easy reach salad.

Strawberry plants in the tyre garden- oopos didn't realise there were so many weeds.
Rhubarb fertilised with horse poo.
Broccoli and broad beans getting bigger.
Silverbeet and lettuces under bottle cloches.
Down the garden path with Miss Poppy dog.
The new potager- a work in progress.....just like the whole garden LOL.
My new baby, just waiting for the floor to be finished.
Mr SFP's new project- a car port which I'll pretty up with trellis and plants LOL.

So, thank you Mrs HMM. Your pictures so inspired me, that I decided I needed to upgrade my poor little camera. To that end dear Mr SFP arrived home this evening with a brand new camera!! I was so excited. You'll definitely see more of me from now excuses.....just do it!!


  1. Hi Julie, your garden is looking great! Can't wait to see your potager take shape! Hope you've been enjoying the sunny weather this weekend, let's hope it's a taste of things to come.

  2. Hi Ruth, thank you. It's all definitely a work in progress. I feel a wee bit overwhelmed at times as I'm the only gardener in the family. I try to just focus on one small area rather than the "big picture". Your garden really inspired me to get stuck in. I had a lovely weekend playing in the garden, hope you did too. Regards Julie :-)