Sunday, September 23, 2012

Having a play with the new camera.

I've been out gardening and having a play with the new camera. Very motivating to do more in the garden so I can take pictures to blog about LOL.
I haven't quite got the knack of sizing my pictures yet. I knew my old camera back to front and what size worked best for the pictures. It's a bit hit and miss at the moment. I might have to appeal to Mrs HMM for a little bit of help. She's a whizz when it comes to this sort of stuff.

My first job yesterday morning was to finish laying the floor in my green house. Trial and error as to how the pavers would fit in most efficiently. I had just enough with 3 left over for a step outside. Not as pretty as Mrs HMM's greenhouse, but it will do the job.

Crazy paving from the crazy gardening lady?
I could then go on to move in an old bench and a new cheapy set of shelves for putting any seedlings and small pots on. Now I just need to be brave and start sowing seeds......

All set to go........
I potted up 6 tomato seedlings in pots that Mrs HMM and I had bought last weekend. I read somewhere that if you add a couple of tablespoons of milk powder under the plants you get a better taste. I had some in the pantry, so I added it. Also recycled fizzy bottles to help with the watering. I'm determind to have tomatoes in good time this year!!

Talking of tomatoes Mega Tom the plant I bought a wee while ago has come ahead. The beauty of having a blog with pictures is that you can see the difference a month can make.

Mega Tom after.

Mega Tom before.

I'll leave you with a pretty picture of one of the Hellebores in our garden- I think from memory it's x sternii.
Have a lovely day in the garden     Mrs SFP XX


  1. I've never heard of the milk powder trick.

  2. Me neither :-). I think I read it in our New Zealand Gardener magazine. I should have left one as a control without the milk powder, but I wasn't feeling that scientific. We're used to eating supermarket tomatoes, so I'm sure these will be tasty with or without the powder. Regards Julie

  3. Your greenhouse is looking really good! Great to have it up and going :0)

  4. Thank you, so is yours. Hopefully we can continue to inspire each other!! XXX