Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Chicken house is finished!!

The chicken house was finished on Friday........hooray!! My very clever craftsman has made a wonderful job and has thought of everything. I'm amazed- everywhere I look there is an innovative idea. It makes me smile each time I walk down the path to open the greenhouse, or to hang out the washing. I've taken some progress pictures and I'll take a picture of the finished house tomorrow. We hope to go on a road trip on Monday to Little River and collect 4 brown shaver chickens. I'm excited and nervous. We may have to have an official opening of Chook Manor- ribbon cutting and cucumber sandwiches?

No mistaking who lives here!

While I was working in the Potager garden last weekend I had some company. Naughty Spock had stayed out all night and was catching up on his sleep. It was like the equivalent of a hangover- he couldn't keep his eyes open. It must have been cosy snuggled up in the pea straw.

It was very hard work and I wondered why I had thought this a good idea, but one corner of the Potager garden is now complete!! It required hours of weeding as it had been in lawn, and digging in many bricks. I added pea straw and compost, but it's done. I put my bean support together which I had won off Trade Me a couple of years ago and planted my White Lady runner beans grown by me from seed. Also planted silver beet- for Mr SFP and the chickens and lettuce plants. I'm very proud of my efforts- only 3 more sections to go........may take a while.

I'm very proud of my construction skills as I had lost the instructions LOL.

The fence is to deter our big dog Rosie from using the garden as a toilet- oh the joys of owning a dog....not!
I'll leave you with this pretty white campanula growing in the flower garden. I'll be back very soon with details of today's progress in the garden.  TTFN  Mrs SFP xx


  1. Love the hen design on the hen house!

  2. Hi Sue. Thanks for popping by! Hopefully it will make the girls feel at home LOL. Kind regards Julie :-)