Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Progress in the garden......

Today was a beautiful day to be out in the garden. Not too hot with a refreshing breeze. I started off inside, but we had a power cut for about 40 minutes so I progressed to outside.

The clever chicken house man returned to do some more work on the chicken mansion. Pikelets and coffee were delayed by the power cut, but it meant more work got done.

Progress on the hen house so far:

Hen house has been added to the platform and nesting boxes attached.
From a different angle
While the hen house was being worked on I diligently went back to the small corner of the potager garden I'm developing. I dug in another circle of bricks around the outer edge to walk on and dug in some of the others. Still one edge to finish, but it was hard work!! This area has been in lawn for 20 plus years and is very compacted. I need to get this area established as I want to plant more lettuces and lower growing vegetables there.

Progress in the potager.
Tom left home yesterday and was precariously carried down to the green house by Mr SFP. He arrived in one piece (Tom) and just squeaked in. His tomatoes are getting bigger by the day.

Tom has left home- spot the tomatoes.
I'll leave you with a couple more pictures inside the glasshouse. My seedlings continue to sprout and get bigger. It's very exciting and satisfying to plant a seed and watch it's progress. 
Good night Mrs SFP xx

Cucumber Spacesaver grown from me!!

Seedlings sprouting- a miracle!


  1. Your potager is looking great! I know how hard it is laying bricks but it will be worth it when you're finished. That hen house is going to be amazing too. And your tomato is well ahead of any of mine, it won't be long before you're out harvesting fresh salads!

  2. Thank you for your encouragement Ruth, it means a lot. Your Potager garden inspired me to make an attempt at my one. I know you can appreciate the hard work required with the laying of the bricks. Hubby didn't quite get it, despite all my moaning and groaning. Sad thing is I've still got 3 more sections to go.....maybe I'll have a little rest before the next one :-). Tom is doing so well in the greenhouse- I wish I'd bought a few more, I'll know for next year. Hope you've made the most of the glorious day today in the garden!! Kind regards Julie