Monday, April 16, 2012

This one's for you Mrs HMM

Oh dear, Mrs HMM and I had a bit of a deal that we would embrace this blogging thing together. She's been way better than I and blogged on a regular basis. Alas, I've let the side down a little.
Well here goes again and perhaps I can be better at it than I have been. 

Now Mondays and Tuesdays are great days for me. I get to "play" at home usually by myself. The teenagers are home for 2 weeks of school holidays, but they just amuse themselves. My routine for a Monday is to visit my 2 favourite Op shops first thing and any other stops I need to make at the post shop or supermarket while I'm out.

Today from the Op shop I got a lovely cream Jean Jones long cardigan and a nice black top for work which was half price. I love that you never know what treasures you may come upon, it's spoilt me for normal retail shopping!

When I got back I was all set to finish a small order for Baby Alive clothes. I sat down, turned on the sewing machine and the light bulb had gone. This meant a trip out to Spotlight, any excuse I hear Mrs HMM whispering. Of course I couldn't just get what I'd gone for and came home with a lovely selection of cotton to knit up some cardigans for my Blythe doll. Can't wait to make a start.

Wool from Spotlight
Now in a house hold full of 5 cats, it doesn't pay to leave your seat for too long!! Mr Spock thought he would like to sit there, can't see him doing any sewing though.
Mr Spock asleep on my seat

Anyway, after a muddly start to the day, I managed to get the order finished and ready for posting. I hear there is one excited wee girl waiting for the Postie to visit.

Finished order ready to post.

 After "playing" until 3.00 it was time to get down to the practical (boring) chores that keep the home running- washing in, tidying and tea. At least if I can get some sewing done each day I feel I've achieved something that will last longer than the dishes LOL.

I am very privileged to have my very own studio (too grand)/craft room. I see all the lovely ladies on blogs I follow and their spaces are always organised and tidy. I feel bad as I don't tend to "love" my space and keep it tidy to appreciate it. So yesterday I tidied one of the bookcases in my room. I'm hoping I'll feel the love if I can keep my room tidy.

It's going to be a wee bit quiet tomorrow as my sister Mrs HMM is away all day on a road trip. We talk at least 2-3 times a day on the phone, more often if we have an idea to share. Maybe I'll get more done......... Safe travels family HMM.

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