Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hooray, the glasshouse is up!!

Saturday dawned fine- not too much wind. Perfect day for errecting the glasshouse. This has been a bit of a "work in progress". We have a lovely handyman friend who helps us put our dreams and ideas into practice. I had been frustrated as Mr SFP has been getting him to do lots of other projects over the last couple of months. Finally on Saturday it was my turn. 
I purchased my poly carbonate glass house a few months ago through one of the auction sites here in New Zealand. It measures 6 foot by 8 foot and looks lovely sitting in the garden. I have to keep pinching myself every time I look down the back!
A work in progress.

Mr SFP lending a helping hand- he did well.
Slowly but surely- can't wait to get started!!
It was a lovely day for being in the garden. Unfortunately it was my job to feed the workers date scones and lunch and I didn't get to do much outside.
A few more wee minor tweaky things to go and then it will be finished. I also won a paving stone auction which I'll use as the floor in my little house. I need to level the floor and lay the pavers down. This will give me dryer feet and help reduce any mud. I've already started making plans for using this new wonderful space. Although I'm sure our two spoilt pussy cats will claim it if I'm not careful LOL
Thanks guys, you don't know how much this means to me. One more step closer to growing more food to feed the family.

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