Thursday, August 16, 2012

Garden Centre road trip

On Sunday it was absolutely pouring down- we're talking serious rain. Very frustrating as I just wanted to get out into the garden and play.
Arriving home from Church and there was a message on the answer phone to ring Mrs HMM. She convinced me, that even in torrential rain it would be a good idea to hit the garden centres. I guess if you can't be out in the garden you go plant shopping? 
We stuck to her side of town and visited 4 local plant places- Portstone, Oderings, The Warehouse and Mitre 10. Portstone and Oderings were disappointing and I didn't buy anything, although I was itching to. Got my best haul at Mitre 10- plants looked good and were the most reasonably priced. I was impressed and will definitely call back there again.

New plant haul just waiting for a sunny day!
So, my plant haul consisted of another punnet of lettuces, a blueberry bush, a daphne bush (to replace the one out the front that was squashed when the trees came down) and several small perennials. I'm developing the garden in front of our dining room and these will help fill up the space along with some already propagated plants. It felt funny buying plants that I won't be able to eat. But they should look pretty once they are established, so I can justify buying them.....
So now all I need is the sun to come out again and dry up all the ponds down the back.

Next area to be developed in front of dining room.

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