Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make hay while the sun shines.....

Monday and Tuesday have been a wash out- literally. The back yard is looking a bit like a small lake. However yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) the rain stopped and today we even saw the sun!!
I'm trying to get out in the garden each day, even on the days I'm at work. On these days I manage about an hour before it's time to come in, light the fire, make tea and school lunches- i.e. turn back into a pumpkin LOL.
Two weekends ago I managed to get my second raised bed filled with dirt from dirt mountain, topped with compost and pea straw ready for planting. In this bed I've planted a punnet of broccoli and broad bean seeds. I wan't happy with the beans I started inside- they got too leggy too quickly. I've just sowed these ones directly into the soil. I see in the tyre next to this bed one of my potaotes is peeking up. These were old ones I had from the supermarket which I've planted as an experiment. 
It was hard work filling the raised bed- you don't realise just how much soil they take. I consoled myself with the fact that once it's done I don't have to do it again......until the next raised bed.

Second raised bed up and running.
I also potted up my lettuce plants and made little cloches for them out of 2.25.litre fizz bottles. They are planted in our old recycling bins- Christchurch City Council have since updated to a 3 wheelie bin system. These bins are a perfect size with handles and a drainage hole already in the bottom.

Lettuces in old CCC recycling bins- perfect!
Mini glasshouse/cat deterrant.
Today (Thursday) I got out and planted the blueberry bush and more lettuces. Weeded down the drive- not vegetable related, but still necessary maintenance.
Our local plant nursery are advertising tomato plants- with the stipulation that they must be grown in heated glasshouses. I'm very tempted to go and buy one and grow it indoors......does this make me a true gardener, or just a wee bit strange?
I've also started following the long term weather forecasts- supposed to be fine for the weekend... great!
Talk soon Mrs SFP XXX


  1. ooh - you are making so much amazing progress despite our grim weather - roll on spring

    1. Hi Roz, thank you!! It's hard work, but oh so rewarding. I've become an avid watcher of the weather and try and sneak out for my garden fix each day. Julie :-)