Sunday, October 21, 2012

So much to do and so little time........

Oops, sorry, I realise it's been a while again. Although I'm not sure if anybody reads my humble blog, apart from my dear sister Mrs Hmm. I think she's the only one who gets bored with my lack of posting LOL.

I just wish I had a few extra magic hours in my day. I have several projects on the go at the moment. I've nearly finished this months ornament challenge set by Mrs HMM- just need to do a few wee finishing bits and then I'll post a picture. I had a blitz and sewed up all the other months decorations, so I'm on track there.

September's decoration complete.
Mrs HMM's working on her gorgeous felt teddy bear tree decorations. We meet every Friday for a coffee and a quick craft and she pulled them out to work on. I have a similar project, which I think might be 1-2 years old- a gorgeous felt Christmas garland. It's great crafting with someone else- she inspired me to find this and and pick it up again. (I still have a Mary Englebreit adorable felt house and cute penguin and snowmen felt decorations in the WIP basket- more inspiration please).

Gorgeous Christmas garland.
Gingerbread man is now finished.
I'm trying to talk Mrs HMM into buying and making this garland as well. Some bits look a bit confusing and I think it would be helpful (to me) if she was trying to work it out as well. So that's one ongoing project.

Project number 2 which I can't show you yet is Mrs HMM and my advent present swap. They always sound so much fun on other people's blogs that I thought we should do one between us. Other people always get so carried away and seem to spend so much money. I didn't want to let any body down with my humble offerings. At least with Mrs Hmm being my sister she'll have to like what I give her....... hopefully. Even then there is a certain amount of pressure!! We decided to do it next year as well, but start in January........LOL. I'll post after December 25th.

Project number 3 and probably the one that consumes me at the moment is the garden. I try to spend 1-3 days a week in it, depending on the weather. I think I'm seeing progress- considering I hardly spent any time in it previously, things must be moving along. Here are a few pictures of the garden taken today.

This small piece of bare earth took about 4 hours to weed today!!
Progress in the greenhouse- tomatoes are growing.
White Lady runner beans hardening off- Planted for Mr SFP.
Seedlings planted last week- more planted yesterday.
Potato tyre garden- almost ready for another tyre...just have to find a source and smuggle them onto the section. Mr SFP's not that keen on more rubber in the garden!

Here's my silver beet patch which I planted for Mr SFP- I can't stand the stuff. I picked some and steamed it for tea- he was most appreciative!

Remember Tom the Mega Tom? Well I am amazed to say he is bearing fruit and they are growing by the day. He's still living inside, but it may be time for him to leave the nest very soon.

Can't wait for these to ripen!!
I'll leave you with pictures of my 2 constant gardening companions- Zoe (Queenie) and Spock (son of Zoe). They each have bells on their collars and it's so nice to hear the tinkle and know I have company.

Queen Zoe.
Spock taking his catnip "fix".

Well, I'm off to work on the garland. It's Labour day here in New Zealand tomorrow which is a public holiday.....maybe crafting inside as it's supposed to rain, how sad LOL. Talk soon, Mrs SFP XX

Pretty white Rhododendron.


  1. Yay - Nice to see you've blogged!

    Your garden is looking good!

    And I love the Gingerbread Man - "almost" inspires me to buy one (lol).

    Love Elizabeth X

  2. Thank you :-). My garden looks better with better pictures LOL. Although now the weeds are in higher definition. I'll work on you on Friday, I'm sure you'll be inspired soon....... Love Julie XX