Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Peastraw and Poo :-)

At the weekend I had 10 lovely bales of peastraw delivered, which dear Mr SFP barrowed down the back for me. This will go on my gardens once I have them clear again from the huge logs still littering them. I'll also use it to build up my second raised bed and put some of it in the compost bins.
Peastraw waiting to be deployed.
Yesterday Mum and I visited her oldest friend whom she's know since her school days and we picked up a load of horse poo. Mum only has a small car, but we managed to pack a few bags in. For the price of a yummy pineapple and date loaf (baked by Mum) and a bag of feijoas (provided by me) it was a worthwhile trade. This will eventually make its way around the rhubarb and into the compost bin. Dad used to hang it in a bag in water and make liquid fertiliser, but I don't have that strong a stomach.
Horse Poo
I also worked on my raised beds- one I cleared of old tomato plants and courgette plants ready to be planted. The other I needed to move a load of bricks before shifting it into place. The bricks will be used in paths in my future potager garden. It was a bit of a mission, but I got there in the end. The ever useful Mr SFP managed to hammer the posts into the rock hard ground- no mean feat! Now it just needs lots of soil and compost to fill it up. It's amazing how much one of these takes. Still a couple of trees to come down around the fenceline to eliminate shade. This will have to wait as we have NOWHERE to put any more garden waste/logs. I'm so excited about my future gardening exploits.
Cleared raised bed awaiting planting.

New raised bed awaiting a ton of soil.
I managed some time to myself before the boys got home from school to work on the May Christmas decoration challenge. Mrs HMM will be pleased. I'm making good progress, but it really needs to be done in the daylight. Sorry about the picture- took it in the twilight.
Frosty Snowman- progress on May make.
New Zealand Master Chef is on tonight, so I will be sitting down and watching it and taping River Cottage on the other channel. I don't watch very much TV, but these are must sees! Have a nice evening......Julie


  1. Great to meet another Christchurch blogger! Very exciting to see what you are doing with the garden. It will be wonderful to follow it through and see it all in spring.

  2. Hi Roz, thank you for taking the time to visit and welcome as a "follower". It's always lovely to meet another Cantabrian. We seem to have a unique perspective on life post quakes, that not a lot of people get. I hope to get into the garden at least once a week over Winter, so hopefully I'll have more progress pictures to post. I need to get our garden to be more productive and feed us more. Do you enjoy gardening? Kind regards Julie :-)