Saturday, May 5, 2012

The week that was.......

Well, I thought I was going to be organised this week. I took the pictures and planned what I wanted to share, but got side tracked by life and other people's blogs.

So here is just a general "round up" of some of the things that happened.

Monday is my opshop day. Not as much treasure to be found as in the past, but I did pick up these cute wee tops which will be "repurposed" into designer clothes for dolls.

Old clothes to be repurposed into cute designer clothes for dolls.

I discovered over ripened bananas in the fruit bowl. The family won't eat them like this, but will if made into a yummy cake, complete with chocolate icing. Sorry, no picture of the cake iced, it went too quickly!

Life gives you squidgy bananas.....make banana cake!

Necessities from Spotlight.
Tuesday necessitated a trip to Spotlight, with a list which always must be added to. I needed threads to start our May challenge on Friday and new fabric.

The first 2 of our 4 feijoa trees are producing a bountiful harvest. They are youngest son's favourite fruit- he would sit under the tree with a spoon if he could. They seem to be an acquired taste- I just love the smell, taste and texture. Other family members don't fancy them at all. They are always a pleasant surprise at this time of the year when the garden is starting to shut up shop.
Thank you feijoa tree.
Thursday bought belated birthday celebrations from my lovely workmates- I was away from work last Thursday for my actual birthday. Lovely morning tea spread plus beautiful flowers to bring home- gerberas and roses.

Friday afternoon after work is Mrs HMM's and my time to catch up and do a little crafting. We critique Project Runway and New Zealand's Hottest Home baker. Of course we both think we can sew and bake better than both programmes. I am still working on this little Debbie Mumm cross stitch in funky colours. I am a particular fan of her style- especially the black and white chequer board patterns and borders she uses.

A work in progress.
This will need to be put aside very soon to take up the May challenge which is:

Frosty Blue- May challenge.

Now Mrs HMM didn't think this looked too bad, but I've studied it closely. It looks equally as challenging as Harriet did........we shall see. I think this will be a during the day project in very bright light!! Watch this space........
I hope to post tomorrow about my exciting new garden adventures....we shall see about this too.

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