Monday, May 14, 2012


This weekend saw a very busy working bee Saturday morning. Four men including Mr SFP all toting chainsaws and attitude. The culprits were 2 enormous silver birches and a liquid amber at the front of our property. They were here when I moved in 18 or so years ago and have just continued to grow. They were close to the power lines and with the recent earthquakes in Christchurch, we thought it safer to take them down. I am not a fan of chopping down trees at the best of times, but had to see the sense in the proposal. Plus we were seriously lacking in natural light in our 2 front bedrooms- not any more!!
One tree already down- left hand corner.
The very helpful friends were on the spot at 8.00am ready to risk life and limb- although I think they all had fun. They belong to our Church and always very willing if you need a hand. My job was to feed them which I did with date scones and soup and buns. Everything was down by 1.00 pm. What an amazing days work!!
Hard to believe how big they were!
Now we "just" have to hire a grunty wood chipper and chip all the branches- good for the garden and chop the enormous logs for the fire next Winter. I think the work is just beginning LOL.
Hard at it.
We have 2 huge piles like this to put through the chipper.
After- seems like a different house.
I have to do a double take when I pull up to our house now because it now looks totally different. Next step will be to turn the garden at the front from a shade garden to something else. Always something to do............


  1. Welcome to my blog. What a difference chopping down your trees has made, very envious over the huge pile of logs you will have stored:)

    1. Hi datacreata, thank you for stopping by and commenting!! I've been finding your blog very inspiring. The tree trunks are HUGE, so it's going to take Mr SFP a while to chop them all up. It was sad to see them go, but my squirrel away nature got the better of me. I'm also looking forward to the mulch from the smaller branches and leaves as well.

  2. Seems like a VERY different house...well you can see it for a start.

    You will have lots of wonderful wood to burn next year as well what a good result.

    It is lots of hard work though, I kow that!

    Sue xx

    1. Hi Sue, thank you for stopping by too. I've just discovered your lovely blog, and it's inspiring me to try and lead a more purposeful life! I just love your chickens, it has always been my dream to have some in our backyard. Maybe when I clear the smaller branches in the big piles I may have room...... Yes, we will have lots of lovely wood to burn, made the exercise worthwhile. It's almost Winter here in Christchurch and we get some cold frosts in the morning.
      Take care Julie XX