Friday, February 24, 2012

Hooray for Friday!!

You've got to love Fridays!! I only work 3 days a week- Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I still love them. Today I posted 2 orders I have been working on sewing over the last week or so. One for a woman who has rediscovered her CPK doll and one for a little girl. I also included a little mystery gift as well. I hope they have fun playing with their new clothes.
Baby Alive Order
CPK Order
I always wanted to be able to paint or draw, but I can't do either. So I have translated my artistic frustration into sewing dolls clothes, knitting and cross stitch. I need to do something each day that lasts longer than the housework.

After work I got to hang out with my lovely sister Mrs HMM. We are trying to plan a craft afternoon tea each Friday after school pick up. Today she was working on a cross stitch and I was knitting a hot pink jacket for my Blythe doll. Blythe is a new member to the family and I'm in love LOL.
Mrs HMM also bought my Mollie Makes magazine which she gets put aside at her local book shop. Special treat this month is a delicious calendar. We pored over the inspiring crafty contributors, hoping some may rub off on us.......
Mollie Makes Issue Eight
Bonus Calendar
Well I'm off to have a straighten up in my craft room, so I can be productive tomorrow. I am very spoilt to have my own room in the house which is just for me. Although I'd hate to say how far my craft supplies would explode around the house if I didn't. Wishing you all a great start to the weekend!! 

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