Monday, February 27, 2012

What did I do today?

Today was a rather busy day with comings and goings. Monday and Tuesday I work at home, but it opens me up to more distractions LOL.
First thing was a blood test at 7.30 am. I HATE needles. One of the worst things about being pregnant with the boys was knowing I would have to have regular blood tests. Although I went through pregnancy number one with no immunity to Rubella. I had had this as a child and thought I was automatically immune.......but you can lose your immunity. That was scarier than needles and I avoided crowds. Great excuse to get out of the grocery shopping each week.  I combined that trip with stocking up on bread from the bakery and sneaking books back before the library opened. 
Later on I did an emergency mini grocery shop, posted parcels and detoured to my 2 favourite op-shops. Picked up an interesting book for my sister Mrs HMM who is into genealogy.
When I got home I spent the rest of the day attached to the sewing machine.
My faithful Elna workhorse.
It's lucky I love to sew as I have a rather large order of Baby Born clothes I am working on for a kindergarten. I don't feel I can do any of "my stuff" until it's done. Chipping away at it, one outfit at a time.

I plan on sitting down to watch Desperate Housewives and knit a few rows.

Have a great Monday evening!
Goodbye from Spock our kitten, one of our five cats....eeek!!

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