Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A year on from the February 22nd Quake

Christchurch Cathedral Before Earthquakes

Christchurch Cathedral After Earthquakes

Well, it's been one year on from the devasting quake that rocked our world here in Christchurch. Our poor old house has stood up remarkably well considering what she's been through. We are some of the lucky ones with hopefully only cosmetic damage and a chimney which had to be removed. After the February quake we suffered liquefaction which kind strangers helped us shovel up. My boys have had to share their school with another school, but still got to go to their own school.

On the day of the quake my eldest son had just come home from school and I didn't work that day. My youngest son was with my sister and her family, so I felt sure he would be safe. At the time your mind races and you go into survival mode. Where's the husband, will Mum be ok. Sister, brother,  brother in law and their children, are they OK? People you work with, what's happened to them? Then it's the practicalities of dealing with no power, phone, water and therefore toilet. Trying to contact people. Marvelling at the liquefaction you are seeing for the first time.  

A year on my Sister and Mother are still living with the uncertainty of what will happen to their homes. This adds stress to their every day lives not knowing and being able to plan for a future at the moment. It is very frustrating not being able to help them get the answers they need.

I think you become more grateful for the things you previously took for granted and thankful for what you do have. All our family and friends survived, both my husband and my jobs are OK. Our home is repairable and our neighbourhood hasn't changed too much.

When I look at the CDB in town, I feel sad for the buildings that have been destroyed, but they are only buildings. Christchurch has fortitude and we will rebuild and be better and stronger than before. Out of the ashes........

I say a special prayer for the people who have lost loved ones, homes, jobs and their way of life through these cruel quakes. I also extend a huge thank you to everybody in New Zealand and around the world who took the time to care.

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