Sunday, October 28, 2012

Chicken progress

Not much to report. Spent another half day in the garden. Transplanted some cucumber seedlings I'd grown from seed into bigger containers and did some more weeding. So much needs doing, it's like fighting forest fires. 

More progress on the chicken house- it now looks like this. Can't wait until it has chickens running around the run and laying eggs in the nest boxes!! 
TTFN  Mrs SFP xx

Platform which will have the chicken house attached to.
Nesting box to be attached to chicken house.


  1. Looking good! Have you sussed out where you'll get the chickens from yet? X0)

  2. Thank you!! Hopefully my clever man will be back tomorrow to finish it off. I feel a trip to Little River is in order. They sell Brown Shaver hens through Trade Me. Hens look to be happy and well-adjusted. Hope they won't be freaked out by our crazy menagerie LOL.