Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Chickens are coming........

For a long long time I've wanted to have chickens living in our back garden. Growing up we had bantams which were hatched from a neighbours eggs using their broody hen. They weren't prolific layers, but lovely company for us children. Mum and Dad also had white laying hens as well, which provided us with lots of yummy eggs. Although as kids we probably didn't appreciate them as much as we would now. All this and a wonderful vegetable garden on their classic kiwi quarter acre section. Dad is always my inspiration when I'm working in the garden. I think what would Dad have done, or how would he used this cast off thing to create something useful. Men of that generation were the backyard McGyvers LOL. Dad never threw anything away.......just in case.

If you remember the corner I've set aside for the chicken area it currently looks like this:

Area before chickens.......
One of the clever men I work with is making me a chicken coop and run. He makes lovely bespoke furniture and he has also made a chicken set up at his home. Today this arrived on the back of his trailer:

Poppy inspecting the new chicken house.
Chicken house.
Chicken house from a different angle.
Hopefully there will be more progress to report tomorrow, although it's supposed to rain.
Bring on the chickens!!  TTFN a very excited Mrs SFP xx

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