Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Advent Swap Day 1.

On Saturday my sister, the lovely Mrs HMM and our Mum met to exchange presents in our 24 day Advent swap. Mum hasn't participated this year, but maybe next year..... It was so exciting knowing that there are 25 presents to be unwrapped and no one has any clue of the contents. This is very important from a Mummy point of view- most years we organise our own presents as well as everybody else's.
We sat down to a nice morning tea of homemade pikelets and swapped boxes of gifts. Here are the results so far:

My box of goodies for Mrs HMM.
My first present to her.
An Advent Calender- please note the absence of chocolate, Dora the Explorer and Barbie. Not an easy feat these days!!
My lovely pile of booty from Mrs HMM
Mum enjoying a cuppa.
My first gift from Mrs HMM- very appropriate!!
We had a lovely morning catch up, with more presents to be opened. What a lovely way to count down the days to Gods most precious gift to us.

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