Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Advent Swap Day2.

What a nice way to wake up knowing there's a special surprise parcel to be opened up. Wouldn't it be nice (but very exhausting) to do this for 365 days of the year!! I hunted through the box and found present number 2. 
Dearest Mrs HMM had cleverly put together a hand crafted decoration featuring a picture of my lovely Dad as a wee fella sitting on Santa's knee. Boy, did that bring a tear to my eye. You forget your parents were once little and had the same excitement for Christmas that your own kids have. Thank you Mrs HMM, this is very precious!!
My darling Dad as a wee fella sitting on Santa's knee.....melt.
I hope to get the Christmas tree decorated very soon. Unfortunately I've succumbed to a flu bug, so I think I'll just be taking things slowly here today.


  1. what a gorgeous and precious ornament - so precious xx

    1. Thank you Miriam, my sister is a very clever lady :-). One year she took pictures of her wee daughter dressed as a fairy and laminated them. "Wee daughter" is now 21 and we still get a buzz out of seeing her peeking out from the tree. Kind regards Julie XX