Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Advent Swap Day Five

Oooh I was very spoil today- 3 gorgeous little hand knit stockings from Mrs HMM. Knitted on 4 ply wool- that's sisterly love for you.

Three cute little Christmas stockings.
Very sweet on the tree.

Here is what I gave Mrs HMM- a linen tea towel on which I'd added patchwork squares to the corners. The idea is for her to wrap up any WIPs in to keep them clean and together.

I'm making progress on my Christmas garland. I probably won't have it finished in time for this Christmas, but it's ticking along. It's so nice to be making time to craft for myself and to spend time in the garden. Balance is an underestimated concept.
Growing bag of Gingerbread goodies.
 Back tomorrow with day 6...TTFN  Mrs SFP XX

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