Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6 of the Christmas Advent Swap

It's become part of the routine now....I get up, make breakfast, find the present of the day and make my way to my craft room. I fire up the computer to see if Mrs HMM is up and if she's blogged my gift yet. Or I ring her and see if she loves my gift as much as I love hers to me. I think today's gifts were win wins on both part.
Here is the cutest little decoration for me. Apparently it was going to be a card, but there was too much work in it not to celebrate it. 

What a wee cutie!!
Here's my gift to her- red and white bunting:

Bunting- too nice just to save for Christmas.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow after work as we're planning another craft catch up. We were given our lovely foodie gift bags from work and there's some Christmas mince pies just begging to be shared over a cuppa and some craft.

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