Monday, December 3, 2012

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas and day Three.

I've been awake most of the night and up since 4.45 am with a painfully sore throat and runny nose. Drat, just the wrong time of the year not to be feeling 100%!!
However, all was made a lot better with opening day 3 of the Advent Swap from Mrs HMM. Look at the gorgeous lavender bag she made me. I have a bit of a thing for the Eiffel Tower, not sure why, and she cross stitched this on the front and stuffed it full of very aromatic lavender. It's a wonder she didn't here the squeal of delight at her house.......well she might have if I actually had a voice this morning. I'm loving this Advent swap....a lot!!
Gorgeous hand embroidered lavender bag...ooh la la.
I managed to drag my feeling sorry for myself body around yesterday and got the Christmas decorations up. This year Mrs HMM and I purchased new trees on a 2 for 1 deal, but they are huge!! Luckily I have a lot of decorations to go on it. As part of the family Christmas tradition I buy the boys a special Hallmark collectible decoration each year. Although if they ever leave home, I don't know if I could let them take them with them. They're boys, so they might be with us for a few more years. 
Here's some pictures of Christmas at our house:
Tree before.......
Ta da....tree afterwards.
Close up of the tree.
Some favourite decorations on a shelf.

Advent calender- non chocolate.
Advent stockings- finally found a use for some of that Christmas fabric I keep buying from Spotlight on special LOL.         

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